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Dickey Farms Mushrooms
Ben & Nichole Dickey, Owners/Operators
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About Dickey Farms Mushrooms
We are a small, family owned and operated farm in Potts Camp, MS. We grow and sell medicinal and gourmet mushrooms to our local community. 

Our interest in growing mushrooms sprang from a walk in the woods and the discovery of Oyster mushrooms growing on a decaying Oak. 

Foraging for mushrooms became a new and exciting adventure for us anytime rain was in the forcast. We went to as many parks and woodland areas as we could find in search of interesting mushrooms, as well as edibles.

We were curious about growing our own mushrooms and began researching different methods. It became apparent very quickly that we had found our dream careers. 

We began this venture with log cultivation. We inoculated hundreds of logs and discovered that, although it's a fantastic cultivation method for home gardeners, it's not the best method for commercial growers. 

Next, we started growing oysters on pasteurized straw which can be tricky, but is a method we still use. 

The more we read about the numerous varieties of mushrooms, the more we wanted to know about cultivating them. So, we traveled to Washington state to be trained by Paul Stamets and his amazing fungi cultivating team.

Presently we are selling our goods at the Memphis Farmer's Market located at the corner of South Front St and GE Patterson in downtown Memphis. We are there every Saturday from 7 to 1.

We also teach cultivation classes for home gardeners interested in growing mushrooms for health or culinary use. Please see our news section for upcoming classes and events.